Wild West in Tuscany

Here are a few pics taken last week with our In the Saddle group from Yorkshire- a friendly and hardcase group of ladies (and a couple of men) that travel throughout the world on horseback together, and this time their location was Tuscany!

The weather here has been hot. Scorching hot. So hot, that we had to depart at 7am every morning to avoid the heat of the day. The above ride was one of the hardest in the heat, as their was virtually no shade in the hills underneath Toiano (in the Pisan region of Peccioli). The landscape was alluring in its own way. Sunburnt tufo trails, golden fields of freshly baled hay, and cattle grazing throughout the valley.

Above are the pics of the cattle when we passed through. My horse Last (the quarter at the bottom) didnt have that famous cow sense his breed is famous for – and chickened out when we needed to move the cattle. No worries though. Cant go through them – but can go around them.

The horses were all super chilled, even little Mascerone (who Ailsa was riding at the back, and who has just turned 4).




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