These wonderful Fjord’s


The  Fjord horse, also called the Vestland – was developed by Norwegian farmers which  needed a small, strong, hardy and sure-footed horse for working the demanding ‘Fjord’ area as far north as Alaska. This breed is one of the oldest and purest in the world, and have similar markings to the prehistoric horse. These traits were necessary for their use in farm and logging tasks, and those same traits make them excellent trail horses now here at Castellare di Tonda, Italy.

The three horses above, Grosso (the biggest), Otto (the cheeky one) and Josy (the little one) are three of our most popular lesson and trail horses.


Above is Rosso, the red dun of the team. Fjord horses come in 5 ‘wild’ shades. Red dun, Yellow dun, Grey, Uls dun amd Brown dun. These colors are all common in wild horses of Central Asia, the Przewalski, the Tarpan, the European wild horse.

The Fjord horse has primitive markings such as zebra stripes on the legs, and a dark dorsal stripe that runs along the back and through the mane and tail.

These horses were used by the Norwegian military in both the first and second world wars, and were legendary in battle – carrying loads on treacherous terrain that no other horse could. I can only imagine how those forces must have been attached to their pack horses. The character of the Fjord is extraordinary, and to me quite similar to another old breed – the arab.

For sure their legendary sure-footedness and endurance makes these little horses the perfect mount for hilly Tuscany. Come try one for yourself !!!


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