Christiane Slawic workshop and riding holiday 8 -15 September


We are very excited to host award-winning international equine photographer Christiane Slawik in September for a one week riding and photography holiday combining art, wellness (at our own spa) and horses. Christiane combines the joy of photography , artistic inspiration with her passion for horses. Her dynamic, emotional photographs have that distinctive trait and are exhibited on more than 100 title pages and in more than 20 calendars all around the world every year. In 2008, her latest book ‘Horse: A Portrait’ (by Willow Creek Press) received the Benjamin Franklin Award for the ‘best animal book’ in the US.

Christiane Slawik’s spectacular photographs uniquely capture the temperament, charm and character of each individual animal in perfection, be it a stunning sports or show horse or a normal, everyday horse. The photographs clearly demonstrate her equine-background and talent in the arts. One customer enthusiastically said: ’You haven’t portrayed my horse as everybody sees him, but how only I see him in my heart!’

 In addition to the popular motifs requested by publishers and customers, Christiane Slawik – as opposed to many of her colleagues – offers her clients and audiences ‘that special something’. Horse-owners or breeders as well as the participants in her photo workshops are thrilled by her infinite know-how, passion and creativity. The photographs will touch your soul!

Come discover who is the woman behind the lens – and take part in active and interesting shoots throughout our 280 hectare Chianti wine farm, with our fantastic selection of 52 horses.

Meals will be taken at the restaurant together, and one afternoon is reserved for a trip to Volterra.

Ride as much as you like, or enjoy spa treatments, massages or simply time by the pool.

Get in touch for more details!!


Date: 8-15 September

Maximum group size of 10 participants

Non riding/ shooting partners warmly welcomed



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4 thoughts on “Christiane Slawic workshop and riding holiday 8 -15 September

  1. White Horse Pilgrim August 3, 2012 at 11:07 pm Reply

    That sounds like a brilliant course. It’s a world apart from an album containing many dozens of photos of one’s horse eating in different places and poses. (Is that really her not eating in the header photo?) Well done for organising something so special.

    I must get back out to Tuscany. A riding centre with a spa and wellness centre will be wonderful.

  2. ctquarterhorses August 9, 2012 at 2:08 pm Reply

    You should come out J! Would be great to show you the new rides, and D can enjoy the massages and spa while we are out on the horses!!

  3. White Horse Pilgrim August 18, 2012 at 7:15 pm Reply

    I’d love to! Just need to save a bit of money as we have some building work here and a diabetic cat in treatment. But I’ve pointed some friends in your direction.

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