Vendemmia in Italy. Horse Riding during the wine harvest

When is the best time to visit Tuscany for a horse riding holiday?

The ultimate horse riding vacation in Tuscany would be in the Autumn and Spring, when the weather sits around 20 -25 degrees during the day, and cools down in the evenings. Image

Horse riding in Tuscany during the annual grape harvest which starts in late August and runs through September is a special experience not to be missed, and a wonderful way to learn about Tuscan food and wine culture.

The hillsides at this time of the year are beautiful- cloaked with green vines, that contrast interestingly with the ochre soil that they grown upon. Their is an exciting vibe in the air, as the harvest workers pick the grapes, chatting and singing. At the end of the day Tractors pull the huge loads of ripe grapes down all of the country lanes. They drip grape juice, staining the roads and leaving a wonderful smell of fermenting grapes.

This is a difficult time to organize wine tasting at the cellars, as all of the staff will be out in the fields working hard to get the harvest in.

The hot summer this year which has left the fields dry and parched, and the farmers desperate.. does have a good side. Great wine. The 2012 wines should be great says the wine maker here at Castellare, as lots of sun makes for an excellent Chianti.

Come try our wine


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