Is summer over already??

Its been a strange couple of weeks. We have had a full 3 months of savage heat. Savage in the sense that it has been unrelenting, with no rain at all. Not even the odd thunderstorm.

The land is parched. Dust rises everywhere, and the grass has turned to yellow straw. It has been a tough year on farmers already in the midst of economic crisis. Now the crops are poor, and the water shortage is on everyones mind.

Then, out of the blue. We had a week of rain, wind, storms and cool temperatures. Not enough to make a huge difference in the water supplies – but relief in the form of cooler evenings and mornings.

Just as we all pulled out our winter clothes, locked away for the past three months… the weather turned again. Now we are back up to the 30’s, and summer is back again.


This week we have Christiane Slawik and her husband Thomas here. Already we are planning all the interesting shoots we can manage with the horses, and hopefully we should get some really interesting photos for the website, and 2013’s new horse brochure.


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