Photo workshop Christiane Slawik

We have had a very busy week with Christiane Slawik who was here on a photo workshop. We were flat out with shootings of horses in liberty, portraits, ridden shots and panoramic shoots. The photos have made the work well worth it, and finally I think we have a portfolio of photos that really show the quality of Castellare di Tonda’s horses, as well as the beauty of our location.

This year we are working on a good marketing campaign to really showcase one of Castellare’s strongest features ;the equestrian center. This morning the weather is a bit grey, and Christiane and friends have headed to Pisa for the morning. Hopefully this afternoon we can resume shooting on the vineyards… but the forecast is not especially fantastic.  No worries however, as we have already managed to snap the horses in a great range of settings and situations.

It has been hugely informative watching the master at work – and very funny at times keeping a smile on while trying to ride the horses in trying terrain or…water. These are a few pics I took of Christiane shooting the girls at Castelfalfi castle yesterday morning. It was an unplanned shooting, so in the name of color Ailsa is actually wearing Christiane’s shirt, while Christiane is wearing mine (I had two luckily). The builders were granted a laugh as Christiane stripped off in the name of photography – but the finished product (which I saw last night) was well worth the effort. The castle provided a wonderfully Tuscan background – and as this is one of our riding destinations, it was especially relevant.

Poor Christiane has a sore knee, but as you can see -Banderas made an excellent tripod when she needed to get a shot from higher up!


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One thought on “Photo workshop Christiane Slawik

  1. White Horse Pilgrim September 14, 2012 at 9:45 pm Reply

    The final two images are lovely – great publicity. Really, having great shots taken in the sun are so important when it comes to selling holidays. You have pulled off an absolute coup. I’d book a holiday based on the final image plus another of horses with a nice Tuscan landscape (hills, poplars and a rustic farmouse).

    I had to smile at the thought of you huddling naked because your garments were needed by others for the photo shoot. How fortunate that you had spares. Now that’s a risk I’d never forseen as a guide:)

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