The Haflinger

We have a wonderful collection of horses, from the hairy Fjords to the smart Quarter horses, but the queen of our horse riding operation here in Italy, is our one and only Aveglinese (Haflinger).  The Aveglinese horse originates from Avelengo) in the South Tyrol of Italy. . This is a very ancient breed according to texts that talk about the blonde beauties, even though it was only officially founded in 1874.
This is a muscular horse with a thick coat of chestnut brown hair, ranging from blond to chocolate brown. The mane and tail are thick and blond and they are the most numerous Italian breed due to their hardy structure and friendly personalities.

Our beautiful queen of the stables is known simply as ‘The haflinger’ since she is the only one we have.
Shes bossy, quirky, pushy and greedy – but as a trail horse, she is one of the best-and often used as our guide horse. Point this mare wherever you want her to go, and she will go there. She will barge through hedges, leap ditches, pick over a low fence, and swim up to her chest when required.
She is usually the only mare that comes out on the trails, and knows she needs to keep the boys in line (which she always does).



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