Winter whizzard news

Some news from the C
Uno (Footworks One Whizz) meanwhile found a new home. uno quarter pony tuscany horse riding

He has gone on to be a pony games mount, a sport I am positive he will do well in. He was always a speedy energetic little horse, and too small to do reining. His new owner needed a pony (under 14.2hh) and Uno hit 14hh perfectly.
Its great to see a horse that so badly needed to be ridden actively (he was never going to be someones ploddy happy hacker) find such a perfectly suited owner.

Looking at the pictures she has put up of Uno (now called ‘One’) on facebook, it is clear to see that he is going to have an amazing home with loads of love and affection – and hopefully he will soon become the star of her team. We all look forward to hearing more news of how he goes this year, and wish him the best of luck.

Castellare di Tonda is of course not just a holiday destination, but also a breeding stud. If you are interested in purchasing a quarter horse or Paint horse bred from some of the best international lines, you can try out prospective horses while you holiday here. What better was to make sure the horse is right for you!


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