National Geographic Votes Tuscany Horse Riding Number 4 in the world

In the national geographic book ‘The ten best of everything’ Tuscany was rated number 4 internationally as best destinations to go horse riding in the world.


“A ride through this stunning part of Italy is a happy combination of idyllic Tuscan landscape seen from the backs of fine horses and a chance to study some of the world’s great art treasures in Florence and Siena.”

As I write this blog post from the office of Castellare di Tonda, the sun is coming down outside and lighting up the silver olive grove outside the reception window. There is still a very winter feel to the farm, but its not a bad thing. The shadows dramatically light up the hills, focusing on the small,solitary points of reference that make Tuscany so unique.

Outside the office there is an abandoned stone farmhouse on the top of the hill. There is a medieval church next to the restaurant. Lonely yet beautiful. Tuscany is special because of the unique concentration of these images. Everywhere you go the view before you looks like something out of a film. Almost unreal, these landscapes have captured the imagination of travelers and artists for thousands of years. Before the Romans, the Etruscans lived in this area. It was from the Etruscan language that the word ‘chianti’ evolved. The Etruscans rode horses and cultuvated farms..and drank wine on this wonderful land, just as we do today.

To finish this post, heres a picture of a very non Italian horse ‘Carlos’. Carlos came all the way from Argentina (he was imported) and was a great trail horse for many years. Here he is enjoying his retirement in the turnout field (all 9 hectares) where he can hang out with the ladies (broodmares) and kids (yearlings)

horse in tuscany


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