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The season opens 2013

The weather perked up last week for our group of Norwegian riders, and we managed three good days trail riding and two days in the arena working on western riding and technical ideas (spin, transitions, lateral work etc). This was a wonderful group, and it was a real pleasure to host such caring and respectful riders. After every ride each rider would spend copious time grooming there horse, doing feet, checking them over etc. I especially liked when one client said to me “To me, its my chance to say thanks to the horse thats just carried me all day”.

Tuscany horse trail riding group
We rode to San Vivaldo last saturday. The ride was BIG. We had 15 horses in all, and though the recent rain made riding challenging, the skill of the riders and fitness of the horses (the reason I havent been blogging for weeks has been because I have been working each horse daily in preperation for this group) made the ride a breeze.

On Sunday we rode to the Chiannini farm of Barbialla. The ride was slower than usual since the mud made anything faster than a walk dangerous, but we did manage a few nice canters in the afternoon ride around the Castellare property.

It poured down all Monday, so we utilized the indoor arena and split into two groups. When one half rode, the other half relaxed in the spa and had massages. In the evening we had a few glasses of champagne in the clubhouse listening to the extreme wind outside. The wind did serve a purpose though, and dried out the terrain enough for half of us to ride out the next morning; a ride the clients described as the best all week – we took the old road to Montaione and then came back up via the forest to the vineyards at the confines of our property. We then rode down to the lake (so full its almost unrecognizable) and on to the fondo chiuso. Whilst the terrain was fairly good for this ride, landslides, fallen trees and damage from wild boars was everywhere. Luckily the horses knew there job, and the riders just let them do it – and we all came home happy.

Sadly at the stables a dog was abandoned two weeks ago. We have been feeding her, and she has adopted the stables as her home. She is so affectionate, I honestly cant imagine why anyone would abandon her. Heres her pic below. Luckily here shes safe and has a warm bed and lots of cuddles until we can find her a permanent solution.