Update on the Castellare Di Tonda dog

Last post I wrote about a little dog that was abandoned at the Castellare di Tonda reception on a cold rainy Sunday morning at the start of March.

The sad story of little ‘Libera’ began when her owner left her here in the middle of a spate of heavy and particularly scary electrical storms. She found refuge in a doorway next to the reception, and the lovely cooks in the restaurant prepared her a makeshift bed and fed her leftovers every evening.
Eventually she started to make a nuisance of herself at the bar (jumping on tables etc) and was taken down to the stables where she literally did adopt me. She would follow me feeding horses, catching horses, grooming horses and even on rides out through the estate. We started to feed her down at the stables, and at night she was closed in an empty box. Libera became the stable horse.

The vet was called to check if she had a microchip, which she didn’t. Then the local police were called, and recommended we take her to the local dog shelter. The owners of Castellare were away on holiday when little Libera turned up, but when they returned they immediately supported our efforts to care for this loving little dog, and refused to turn her into the dog shelter.

Straight away Sandra purchased Libera a brand new kennel and cushioned dog bed, and Alessio built her a huge covered dog run near the stables. She was brought brand new dishes, and a big sack of dog food. Libera is let free every morning, but when tourists are around she is put into her dog run.

She is cared for by everyone on the farm, and until we find her a permanent solution, she is safe, happy and loved here. A nice happy ending to yet a dog that has so much love and loyalty to give.


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