Tuscan wildflowers and wild boar


Last week flew by. The weather in Tuscany has been almost tropical. Rain storms are followed by long hot days, and the grass seems to be growing faster than anyone can cut it back. Our horses out in the turnout field still have more than they can handle, and are all fat and happy looking.

This last week we had a family from Sweden out riding with us. They were horse owners, and very good riders, and I had the chance to test out various horses on the trail with them during the week, including little Shakir the Arabian who became the firm favorite of Linnia, the daughter of the family.

We saw a lot of wild boar one day, and enjoyed some lovely riding down in the Castelfaldfi game reserve, the newly finished Natural reserve of Cafaldo (full of lovely forest trails for the horses) and up towards Barbialla and Sughera.

Here are some pics of the week, including one of a large wild boar hiding in the grass.

The next two weeks are very busy at Castellare with Pentagosto and a public Holiday in Holland and Switzerland this week. This morning I took a Group of returning Swiss clients out, with a lovely English rider who lives in Holland. The weather early this morning looked Grim, but actually it turned out very nice, and I hope this afternoons ride will be even better since the breeze should have dried out the trails up on the communal road to Corrazano where we are heading after lunch.


2013-05-18 08.21.21

Above is Rikkard and Lucas with Blanco.

2013-05-12 19.41.19

Wild boar in the grass hoping we havent seen him. Horses always know when pigs are about though…

2013-05-15 16.39.33

Helen with Mascherone our four year old Paint horse. They made a great team all week long.

2013-05-15 16.39.39

Linnia and little Shakir. He was a star all week too, and they were a great pairing since her mother bred Arabians back in Sweden.


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One thought on “Tuscan wildflowers and wild boar

  1. Equine Partners May 20, 2013 at 1:39 am Reply

    Great photos and stories of the day… amazing and everyone looks happy!

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