The dog days of summer are coming to an end

The dog days of summer are officially between early July and early September when summer is at its hottest.  During the Roman empire it was said that Serius (the dog star) rose and set with the sun, and it was thought that this star’s red glow contributed to the summer heat.

As we head towards the end of August, the weather is dropping a few degrees every day. The evenings now are comfortable; not quite cool, but almost at the point where a shawl or light long sleeved top would be needed.

Today the farrier is here, preparing many of the horses that have been on rest over the summer for next weeks trekking Group. From Sunday through to the end of October we are busy again with groups, and the horses will also be pulled out for the September Christiane Slawik course.

2009-04-29 03.24.15

The vineyards around Tuscany have now been taped with electric fencing to keep out the wild boar as the vendemia takes place. Soon the rows of vines all over the region will be humming with activity as groups of workers busily pick the grapes, and tractors pull loads of dripping grapes back and forth to the cellars. The smell of fermenting grapes is strong at this time, and many of the smaller roads are stained red with dripping grape juice. It is a lovely time, and marks the end of the famous dog days, and the start of fall.

2012-09-11 19.08.39





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