Changable Seasons of Tuscany

Yesterday 5 new clients arrived for a riding holiday here at Castellare. One arrived around 7 hours late due to her flight being diverted to Bologna, and the four who did manage to land spent the day thinking that maybe they had arrived at the wrong destination; wasnt Tuscany meant to be warm and scenic? Were they in Italy, or the moors of Scotland?

Cyclone Penelope hit the Tuscan coast early Saturday morning. The storm that hit Montaione around 4am was one of the most intense I personally have ever witnessed in Italy. Lightning lit up the sky for over an hour, and the noise from the thunder was deafening. The storm was also accompanied by a fierce wind that tossed about rubbish bins, blew down trees, and banged about the wooden window shutters. After an intense hour of storms it settled down to heavy rain, and that rain carried on for most of yesterday.

The forecast looked grim for the early part of the week, but as I write this post the sun is shining, and the sky outside is a vibrant blue. The sad faces of resident tourists last night (who had just arrived from Germany, North Italy and the Uk) have now been replaced by jovial happy expressions. Tuscany is never predictable, and always changeable. If this weather carried on, we will have some faboulous riding this week!



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