2014 at CT Quarter Horses

We wish everyone a happy new year. 2014 is the year of the horse according to Chinese astrology, so we hope that this brings fortune to all of our many horses at Castellare di Tonda.

The weather today is sunny and clear, and we have almost all of our trail horses turned out for the winter, enjoying the sun and well deserved rest period.

Many of the horses are unrecognizable. Shakir the little arab is like a puffy white snowman, as are the Fjords and Iza our Haflinger. Franco still has the Reining prospects in full work, and these horses (up for sale) look fabulous.

The estate is under renovation this winter, and will reopen at the end of March. The horses will start going back into work at the end of this month, so that they are ready for the end of March and April’s riders.

As of yet we have had a fairly mild winter (compared to 2012/2013). Hopefully this keeps up, and the trails will not need to be restored like the start of this year (when flooding caused havoc all over the area).

Below is a photo of the geldings last week. Red, Shakir, Dali and Navarro (all waiting for snacks).



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