New Horses at Castellare di Tonda


The rain has been persistant the past four days, inspiring me to use this nice summer evening photograph in todays post instead of one of our wet, muddy horses looking as annoyed about the rain as I feel.

The rain started on Friday, and by around 3pm in our head office at Empoli it was teeming down. Just running the five meters to my car had me completely soaked… and the rain just didnt let off at all. It rained all day, it rained all night, and then all the next day, and the next and the next. The Aurelia (road between Pisa and Versallia) was closed due to flooding. The fields were flooded, the football field at Maddonna del aqua was completely submerged, and yesterday as I drove home from work, a huge lorry was upside down near a flooded bridge. The rain has caused chaos all around, and the horses dont look too impressed either (even though they do all have field shelters).

Today we had a visit down at the stables by a local Parelli trainer, who may come and take some courses this year at CT. She needs the indoor arena due to the crazy weather too.

We had two new arrivals this week. One black and one white. Both geldings come from the north of Italy, by the former owner of Shamal (our Palomino guide horse). The grey gelding is huge. Tall, powerful, and with a big honest head. The black gelding is slightly smaller, more compact and with a big thick neck and shorter head. Both are beautiful looking horses, and hail originally from Argentina.

They will be out this season with clients, and I am excited that we now have a couple more big horses for our slightly heavier or taller riders.

Photos to come (when the rain stops!)



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