2015: New Year, New Beginning

As I write this post, the weather outside is damp and cool. Winter in Tuscany is generally pretty mild; just yesterday I was playing around with the horses in a tshirt, while the sun shone. Today however, there is a bite in the air that has us all wrapped up in jackets and scarfs.

Our office reopened today for 2015. It seems everyone I know has come down with the flu, and I am trying to ward it off with copious vitamin c tablets and warm layers.

The horses, however seem to be faring just fine.




All of our trail horses are on winter turnout right now (note the difference between the hairy Dali, Navarro and Shamal) compared to shiny handsome Chex in the top pick.

They are enjoying some hard earned rest over these cooler months, and it is always a nice sight to watch them all in a herd environment on the way to work. Horses do need to be horses, and they really do need the interaction of a ‘branco’ to stay happy mentally.

Here at work, the farm is very quiet without guests. Almost eery.

The beauty of the landscape is still exceptional Рeven with the cold weather. Here are a few pics I took the last few  days of the surrounding hills.

IMG_20141113_132426 IMG_20141109_121332 IMAG1744 IMAG1748

We have begun taking bookings for our riding holidays this year. Looking through some of the last rides photos, I really cant believe how good the weather was that week (November last year). We had no wind, and incredible summer skies every day. Our clients that week were all Brasilian, and really good fun. Here are a few of the photos I snapped on my phone of the rides out together. Nice memories for a winters day!


Riding up past Toiano (the ghost town)IMAG0055

Vineyards still lush and green in NovemberIMAG0059

Riding home through the estateIMAG0067

Gorgeous villa Collegalli (one of our day rides)IMAG0068_BURST002_COVER

Friendly riders!


The Collegalli villa, and interestingly this client (the fantastic Patty) is a cousin of the current owners. The villa and farm belonged to her grandfathers family many years ago.


I thought this sunset photo was a good way to finish todays post. Il pop up some more recent pics this week!


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