RIP little Balu

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Our gorgeous, cheeky mascot Balu sadly passed away last Friday.

Balu was well over 30 when he died, and no longer had any teeth. We let him live free the past few years, since in this way he could find fresh grass (since he could no longer use his teeth to munch up hay), and he lived happily in this way.

He was a cheeky pony, as so many of the shetland breed are. He knew when to ‘disapear’ ..generally when their were kids pony rides scheduled, and when to ‘appear’ which was generally just after grain had been fed out (he would kindly clean up all the left overs in the stable).

He liked to hang out at the bar, especially at aperitivo time – and was unpopular for a few weeks after offloading a nice steamy pile of manure (right inside the bar).

We will miss this little guy. RIP Balu.


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