Hasnt he grown up fine!

Three years back this colt was a suprise foal, born a little early, he arrived one night unassisted in our stables.

Cute as they come, he was a unique sight, as he was born with crooked legs, and had what is called “windswept” legs, with both fronts legs curved in the same direction (forwards).This is thought to be due to the way he was lying in the uterus.

IMG_4490   IMG_4509 KW6A4831   NFS_3222  NFS_3274

Luckily little Rebel straightened up on his own, and this is how he looks today! He is a unique horse with a fabulous golden bronze coat. These photos were taken two weeks ago, and demonstrate how handsome this Spooks gotta Gun offspring has become!

_SX26890b _SX27035b

Come see him in action down in the arena with Franco and Marco, our trainers!

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