Reining at Castellare di Tonda

Reining is a fully recognized sport by the FEI (Federation Equestre International).

Whilst Dressage was developed from activities performed by the war horses in the Middle Ages, Reining comes from the athletic movements that made the early American settlers ranch horses such invaluable assets. The ability to move quickly, change direction and willingly guide on a loose rein, are the trademarks of the modern Reining horse and from which the discipline takes its name.

Worldwide, reining is the fastest growing horse sport today. In countries such as Italy and Germany reining is one of the major horse sports. Probably due to its exciting, fast-paced action and its accessibility for any breed of horse, coupled with its enriching programs for riders of all experience levels, the discipline of reining has enjoyed one of the fastest rates of growth, experiencing a 40% increase in worldwide participation in the last 10 years.

Reining is exciting and entertaining. It consists of specific maneuvers which can be found in traditional ranch work.

The horse has to run a subscribed pattern which consists of 7 or 8 maneuvers.

There are a total of 10 approved official reining patterns, and horses exhibit individually-performing, compulsory movements which include small slow circles, large fast circles, flying changes of lead, roll-backs, quick 360-degree spins, and the ever-exciting sliding stops which have become the hallmark of the reining horse.

Reining gets it’s name by the way the horses are ridden. The rider steers his horse by slightly picking up the reins and laying the rein upon the neck of the horse. The horse goes in the opposite direction of where he feels the pressure. As soon as the horse responds, the rider gives more rein and lets the horse figure it out on his own again.

Castellare di Tonda trains and breeds Quarter horses for western sports, including Reining.

Come try this exciting western sport when you next holiday with us!

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