Horse Riding Holidays 2018

Castellare di Tonda is a country resort and spa based right in the heart of beautiful Tuscany. Stay with us on our 800 acre working wine estate, and explore classically beautiful Tuscan landscapes on well trained Quarter horses and Argentine Ranch horses, doing as much or as little riding as you like.

Blessed with beauty, wine and an unparalleled artistic legacy, Tuscany is a region that lives up to its reputation.

Stupendous art, soul-aching countryside, world famous Chianti wine and delicious cuisine is what this enviable region is all about.

There are two alternative riding itineraries, depending on how many hours you would like to ride.

Our relaxed riding holiday, is as the name suggests – all about relaxation.

You have 12 hours riding included in the package, two hours trail riding every morning (or you can do a mix of lessons and riding out).

We have a selection of different two hour rides, including ‘La Fornace’, ‘Sughera and the badlands of Toiano’,’ Castelfalfi Chianti vineyards’, ‘The old water mill’, ‘The artisans house’, ‘The Carfolo river’, and the Bosco Armani’. No ride is the same.

If weather doesnt come to the party, you can polish up your riding skills (or start from scratch if you are a beginner) in our all weather covered arena.

The relaxed riding package costs 364€ per person (riding only).


The Medieval Tuscany Trail

Our most popular riding itinerary is the week long Medieval Tuscany Trail.

Staying at Castellare di Tonda, you will enjoy 5 full days of riding in different directions.

Three days have a picnic lunch included, and two days you will return to base in between the morning and afternoon rides for a relaxing Tuscan style siesta break.

Wednesday is free for sightseeing. We offer a free transfer to the Castelfiorentino train station so that you can catch a direct train to Florence or Siena.

The Ride Program

Day 1. Group meeting and lesson to allocate horses.

Morning ride through the renaissance period estate, along the tufo trails above the canyon and to the lake.

Afternoon ride to La Fornace. Meditteranen forests, open fields, vineyards and in the summer, sunflowers. A beautiful Tuscan ride to start your week.

Day 2. Full day ride to San Vivaldo monastery. Pass through the ancient woods that lie between Montaione and Gambassi Terme, crossing down towards Volterra and passing through the medieval village (abandoned since WW2) of Vignale, and the remains of the ancient fortressed castle. Ride through the pretty village of San Vivaldo and lunch at the Monastery. Ride home through a Cinta Senese pig farm, through old chestnut forests and finally our own Chianti vineyards.

Day 3. Full day ride to Collegalli and Barbialla. The morning you will ride through Sughera, along an old trail that links the villages of Montaione and Balconavisi (San Miniato). The trail drops down into the gully and  you ride along an old dirt road beside a pretty stream all the way to an old Sicilian owned farm. From here you ride up through the cattle fields and into the Barbialla truffle and game estate. Lunch at an old abandoned farmhouse on the property. The afternoon ride is straight along the old shepherds trail, passing his sheep and dogs and enjoying incredible views as far away as Castefiorentino.

Day 4. Free day to visit Florence or Siena

Day 5. Full day ride to Castelfalfi estate, through the vineyards looking out towards Peccioli, and down underneath the castle and borgo. Ride alongside the lake, and visit the fairies house from the film Pinocchio, half submerged in the lake. Pass into the Castelfalfi game reserve, and ride along old hunters trails through forest and over the tops of the rolling hills. Picnic at Cedri.

Ride home up through the estate, and over the hills, through the national park of the Carfolo and down to the river. Ride back home through the village of La Casina and then on through the vineyards of Casnova.

Day 6. Morning ride to Il Mulino di Montaione. An old road that once linked Montaione  to Gambassi Terme.                                                                                                                            Afternoon ride: The Artisans house. Ride through rolling farmland to the home of Riccardo, a sweet painter, etcher and sculpturer who studied at the school of art in Florence. We stop, have a glass of wine, and then ride home to watch the sunset over the stables.

Day 7. Departure

The Medieval Riding Package (20 hours riding, three lunches and wine) €599 per person (riding only).


3 thoughts on “Horse Riding Holidays 2018

  1. Kelley Fisch April 12, 2013 at 4:15 pm Reply

    Do you have a printed brochure or pdf brochure and dates for 2014?

    • ctquarterhorses April 12, 2013 at 6:54 pm Reply

      Hi Kelly,

      Yes we do have a printed brochure that I can send out- let me know your address via email and I will have one out to you asap. Thanks!

  2. david campbell August 10, 2016 at 11:20 am Reply

    hello i wondered if you had a job vacancies at all thank you my mobile is 07399790305

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