Testimonials of our Riding guests

“Verbrachten im September 2013 eine herrliche Woche im Castellare di Tonda. Super Guides, sehr bemüht um die Gäste, aufregende Touren, gut gepflegte und gut gerittene Pferde (keine abgestumpften Schulpferde). Für Westernreiter optimal! Der angebotene Unterricht war auch in Englisch sehr gut verständlich. Essen, Unterkunft, SPA etc., es gab nichts zu beanstanden. Außer vielleicht, daß man im Jakuzzi keinen Prosecco serviert bekommt 🙂 Unser Hauptanliegen war das Reiten, was zu unser vollsten Zufriedenheit ausfiel. Wunderschöne Tagestouren mit Picknick, eine beeindruckende Landschaft und wirklich rittige Pferde die einem auf abenteuerlichen Pfaden die Toskana näher brachten. Toll – wir kommen bestimmt wieder!!”

“Have just returned to Oz after having a lovely week at Castellare di Tonda horse riding. What a lovely, relaxed, earthy and friendly place it is. Great place for families as there is plenty of room for the kids to roam and play. They even have a Kiddies Club. Jess was wonderful in looking after the horse riding. The scenery is superb.”

“If you are looking for a place to relax by the pool, mountain bike, Hike or horseback ride, this is the place to be. The walking trails are very good. In the Montaione village there is a tourist office that gives out free maps of nice walking trails in the area.”

“The children attended the kids club three or four times and went horse-riding which was well organised and they had a great time. The adults in our party also went on a hack which was again well organised and took us through some lovely countryside and vineyards. All the horses were very well behaved and friendly.
Overall my opinion of Castellare is that it is really good value for a family holiday beautiful Tuscany.”

“Nous recommandons vivement aux cavaliers le centre équestre qui a vraiment de beaux chevaux et de belles installations. On peut prendre des cours individuels de monte western (20€ la demie heure) ou partir en promenade d’1h dans la campagne Toscane ( génial!). ”

“Uteridningen var förstaklassig, upplevelsen beror säker mycket på guiden man får men vi hade en trevlig Nyzeeländska som var en frisk fläkt och som verkligen tog ansvar för hela gruppen. Hon var hjälpsam och lyfte fram det goda hos varje ryttare, även ovana ryttare fick gott självförtroende och vågade massor i ridningen. Terrängen i Toscana är väldigt utmanande även för den duktiga ryttaren och det gäller att ha is i magen i de värsta nerförsbackarna och när man rider på slingrande stigar snubblande nära rejäla slänter/stup. Eftersom Toscana led under diverse ras efter det myckna regnandet så var vissa vägar blockerade av träd och sand, vilket gjorde ridningen ännu mer utmanande. Vi hade tur med vädret, det regnade ett par av dagarna men de dagar vi valt att rida var det strålande sol. Dock lagom varmt så att man kunde rida i en långärmad t-shirt och undvika att bli bränd i den starka vårsolen. Det var mycket skritt upp och nerför alla backar, men det var tillräckligt spännande med lutningen. När det fanns möjlighet så travade vi och galopperade långa sträckor. Hästarna hade mycket bra kondition. Avmaskningen verkade ligga efter lite då vissa av hästarna var lite bukiga och med avskavda svansar, men annars verkade skötseln av hästarna vara bra. Alla hästar var lugn och lätthanterliga, även de mer pigga hästarna var kloka och lättövertalade.”

“I felt I was matched very well with the horse I was given but also had a chance to ride some others. The horses are all impeccably trained and very friendly and calm, with the more forward-going horses very happy to up the pace. The riding was wonderful. The terrain was challenging in places and also changed day by day from steep hills, to wooded valleys, to high rolling countryside. No ride was ever dull with beautiful views and good opportunities for exciting canters. The horses were very content and well-kept and obvious care was taken with the well-being and schooling of all the horses at the stables.”

They have a lot of horses so it is easy to change to another if the horse you are allocated on the first day does not suit you. They split our group in two after the first ride out as it was clear that there were two ability groups. This meant that we were able to do greater distances at a faster pace which was great. The scenery is varied and the views stunning.”

“Starting out with riding lessons were a good way to match us up with the horses, and get some practice in Western ridning before riding in the terrain. I was very satisfied with the horses I rode, and I feel they did a good job matching us up with the right horses compatible to our capabilities.

I loved the trips we did through different terrain and in different pace, a great way to see the nature in Tuscany. Lunch in the forest, wading in the water with the horses, riding through vineyyards and fairytale-like forests and country roads, in great company, where a dream come true.”

“The riding was brilliant. A really good mix of rides with exciting riding through challenging terraine and more relaxing rides through the rolling Tuscan countryside. Some awesome gallops too! I was sad to leave my trusted steed who had given me a holiday of a lifetime.”

“It was a wonderful holiday, and lovely to meet new friends Amanda and Gwen were lovely and we got on very well as a group. The standard of the accommodation and food did not detract from what was a lovely holiday with fantastic riding and amazing scenery, but small improvements like servicing the apartments and improving the quality of the food would enhance the experience”

“It was a wonderful holiday, and lovely to meet new friends Amanda and Gwen were lovely and we got on very well as a group. The standard of the accommodation and food did not detract from what was a lovely holiday with fantastic riding and amazing scenery, but small improvements like servicing the apartments and improving the quality of the food would enhance the experience”

“Amazed at how sure footed and ‘easy’ the horses were with the steep and muddy terrain! (There had been a lot of rain recently-unusual) Just had to sit tight and enjoy the wonderful views!”

“The riding out was exellent. My horse an Argentina Criollo was lovely, reponsive and very sure footed a delight to ride. The riding lessons were brilliant instruction first class and the Quarter horses very well trained. All the horses appeared to be very well cared for and in good health.”

“Halfway through the holiday in order to fit in with my children’s schedule I swapped to the professional reining lessons with Franco (with Jess knowledgeably and diligently translating his Italian). The three lessons I had were fabulous – counter canter, flying changes, turns on the backhand etc – riding well schooled reining horses – each lesson was challenging and overran the allotted hour – I was thrilled. My two children (8 and 10) were taught well by Jess and Elsa on a variety on ponies and horses. Jess even managed to inspire my non-riding son to have six lessons with her!”

“Jess and Ellie went out of their way to accommodate us. They changed my horse without a second thought. They were extremely professional and friendly, and each ride was different. Consideration was taken into account for all of the riders and their horses.”


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