Reining Lessons

Castellare di Tonda specializes in training and breeding Quarter and Paint horses for the FEI sport of Reining. We have a selection of expertly trained horses for our experienced riders, and lessons focusing on ‘ True lightness and Awareness’ with Franco Vicchi our resident trainer are highly reccommended for riders of all disciplines.

Riders new to the western style that come from a classical english background will find these lessons both interesting and beneficial. Franco speaks Italian, but we organize a translator for either english or german students. The lessons focus on listening to the horse, to tuning in better with his movement and understanding true lightness. You will have the chance to work on lead changes, pivots, rollbacks, canter work and fluid transitions. Franco is a classical trainer, and though the tack is western – the concept is the same. Listen to your horse for a more harmonic partnership!

The scenic venue and relaxed atmosphere make these intensive lessons part of a holiday you wont forget.  Our Quarter and Paint horses are generous, calm, strong and have a special talent for the cowboy dressage movements of Reining.

Anky Van Grunsven the famous Dutch dressage rider is now both a participant and abassador for Reining, and at the WEG performed a fantastic freestyle reining  show combining elements of traditional dressage with those of Western Reining such as the Spin and Stop.

Come and try this wonderful sport in our all weather arena set on a panoramic Tuscan hillside with a classical trainer that has worked throughout Europe and Canada.

Private lessons with Franco, and one of our highly schooled horses are priced at 45€ for 60 minutes.

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