Western Riding attire

Saddle sores can quickly cut short a riding holiday.

We have witnessed many a sore rider struggling after a long day in the saddle.

Everyone’s bottom hurts when they start riding. But the more you ride, the less it will hurt, as your muscles and tissues get used to it.

When you choose jeans for riding, they should have reduced friction against your skin, a higher rise to provide coverage of your lower back in the seated position, and a longer inseam, to cover the shaft of your boots while in the saddle.

If you are going on a riding holiday, and are not used to riding in jeans do not just wear your fashion jeans because you WILL BE sore afterwards, and why wreck a holiday just because you didnt buy riding jeans before you left. Wrangler, Ariat, Cruel Girl and many other brands have excellent jeans made for riding, and if in doubt – pantyhose or bicycle shorts under your jeans also work wonders!



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