Its getting cold outside.

October marks the end of our riding season. On the 1st of November, the last clients for 2015 will leave the resort, and our team of wonderful trail horses will be turned out for a well deserved rest over the winter months.


Most of our trail horses will be turned out in our hilly 25 hectare circa paddock, where they can run, roll and enjoy a few months of almost wild-horse life.

We manage the herd very simply. The horses are unrugged, but have a large shelter. They have hay 24/7 and automatic water troughs. Daily we check that everyones ok – but they are unridden, and basically unhandled for at least two months.

A horse in the wild will travel ten to fifteen miles a day, foraging, looking for water, keeping ahead of predators. This is how they were genetically designed to live. After a busy season, turning out our horses as part of a herd keeps their emotional stress down. Our trail horses become more familiar with strange sights and sounds having spent time outside all winter, they are more balanced when negotiating uneven ground having encountered hills, slopes, and other natural terrain in the field, and thus require less work getting fit than the boxed horses at the start of the season.




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